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What is white label HR software?

White label HR software is an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to extend their services with a personalised HR solution. It's a fully developed HR software system that allows you to rebrand and market it as your own product. This software encompasses comprehensive HR functionalities all customisable to align with your unique brand identity.

Adopting white label HR software offers a significant strategic advantage, especially when compared to the costs of developing similar software in-house. Building your own SaaS HR solution from scratch can well exceed £1 million, not to mention the time and resources required for future, ongoing development, testing, and maintenance. In contrast, white label HR software provides a cost-effective, time-saving alternative. You gain access to industry leading, market-ready HR platform without the hefty investment and long-term commitments associated with software development. It's an ideal strategy for those who wish to offer a seamless, branded experience to their clients or users, leveraging cutting-edge HR technology under their own brand name. This approach not only enhances your service portfolio but also solidifies your position in the competitive HR tech market.

Why choose PandaHR white label software?

Our partner program is purpose built for companies looking to expand their customer base and increase revenue.

Fully customisable

Tailor every aspect of your HR platform to seamlessly align with your brand identity, enhancing brand consistency across all user interactions.

Comprehensive dashboard

Gain complete oversight, offering extensive visibility into client activities to foster better support and strengthen your brand reputation.

Intuitive UX / UI

Designed for ease of use, our software ensures a smooth, user-friendly experience that simplifies complex HR tasks.

Compliance confidence

Stay compliant with the latest data protection laws, including GDPR, ensuring you and your customers meet regulatory standards without hassle.

Accelerated time to market

Launch your customised HR platform quick, with no development time, speeding up your route to market with a ready-to-deploy solution.

Enterprise grade security

Data protected with enterprise-grade security features built into the foundation of our software, safeguarding your information at all levels.

Powerful white label software purpose built for you

Rocket launch your revenue and expand your customer base with our fully customisable product-as-a-service partner program.

Out of the box partner dashboard

Launch immediately with a comprehensive partner dashboard that equips you with all the tools to manage your customers effectively from day one. Streamline operations and enhance customer interactions effortlessly.

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Integrated support and help centre

Empower your users with integrated support and help articles right within your software. Customise and expand your help content to fit your specific needs, ensuring users receive the right help at the right time.

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Get complete customer insight

Gain complete oversight with transparent views into all customer activities. This visibility enables you to provide timely, targeted support, boosting customer satisfaction and strengthening your brand's reliability.

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Who's the white label HR software program for?

Hiring Software

Job Boards

HR Consultants


Staffing Agencies





Software Resellers

Estimate your earnings

Total Clients


Your MRR


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Frequently asked questions

Who is white label HR Software for?

White label HR software is ideal for businesses and organisations that want to offer HR services under their own brand without the cost and time involved in developing their own software. This includes hiring software like ATS', HR consulting firms, staffing agencies, BPOs, PEOs, and more across most sectors.

How much does white label HR software sost?

The cost of white label HR software varies depending on factors such as the feature set, customisation level, and number of users. We offer flexible pricing to suit different business needs and sizes. Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Can the software be customised to fit my brand?

Absolutely! Our white label HR software is designed for complete customisation to align with your branding requirements. This includes custom logos, color schemes, and domain names to provide a seamless brand experience for your clients.

What kind of support and training is available for partners?

We provide comprehensive support and training to our partners. This includes technical support, user manuals, and training sessions to ensure that you and your team can effectively use and offer the software to your clients. Additionally, we do also offer a support package, so we can handle for your clients too, under your brand, executed by our in-house product experts.

How does white label HR software benefit my business?

White label HR software allows you to expand your service offerings and add value to your business without the need for extensive resources or technical expertise in software development. It also helps in strengthening your brand presence and provides an additional revenue stream.

Is there ongoing development and updates for the software?

Yes, we continuously update and improve our software to ensure it meets the latest industry standards and technological advancements. All updates are automatically available to our partners, ensuring that you always offer a state-of-the-art solution to your clients.

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