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What is employee onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into your organisation, ensuring they feel welcomed and prepared to start their journey. For startups and SMBs, where every team member's impact is magnified, a smooth onboarding experience is crucial. It's not just about paperwork; it's about creating a strong first connection, setting the tone for a productive and happy tenure. Our platform simplifies this process, making it easy to onboard new employees efficiently while maintaining a personal touch. From document management to initial training, we provide the tools you need to make every new hire feel like part of the family from day one.

Transform your onboarding

Equip your team with adaptable and impactful tools.

Fully customisable onboarding

Personalise your approach. Leverage the power of customisation to create a unique onboarding experience for each role. Onboarding with PandaHR ensures no detail is overlooked, streamlining the journey for every new hire.

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Unlimited onboarding templates

Versatility at its best. Create unlimited onboarding templates tailored to different departments or roles, such as engineering, marketing, and more. This feature allows for the nuanced onboarding of diverse team members, ensuring everyone gets the specific information and welcome they need to succeed.

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Automated document management

Effortless organisation, maximum security. Automate the management and storage of critical documents. This ensures a streamlined process for handling sensitive information, from contracts to personal identification, all while maintaining compliance and peace of mind.

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Enhance your HR operations

Take a closer look at how our platform can transform your HR.

HR Software

The backbone of modern HR. Streamline your HR processes with our comprehensive platform.

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Employee onboarding

Start strong. Simplify and enrich the new hire experience from day one.

Employee onboarding features

People hub

Your team, organised. Access all employee data and documents in one secure place.

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Time off management

Simplify leave planning. Manage time off seamlessly, ensuring clarity and satisfaction.

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Employee surveys

Feedback made easy. Gather insights to keep your team engaged and motivated.

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Platform security

Trust in every click. Protect sensitive data with our robust security measures.

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Frequently asked questions

What makes your onboarding process stand out for startups and SMBs?

Our platform is tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of innovative, growth-oriented businesses, offering customisation, security, and engagement in one package.

How does your platform handle sensitive information?

We prioritise security with end-to-end encryption and compliance with industry standards, ensuring that your and your employees' data are protected.

Can the onboarding process be customised for different roles?

Absolutely. Our platform allows for role-specific onboarding paths, ensuring relevance and efficiency for every new hire, you can require / hide specific data points to get the relevant information you need.

How will I be notified about an employee's onboarding progress?

Our system sends real-time notifications when a new starter completes their onboarding, keeping you informed throughout the onboarding process.

Employee Onboarding Software

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