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What is time off management?

Time off management is an essential aspect of HR that involves tracking and approving employee leave requests. For startups and SMBs, managing time off efficiently is crucial to maintaining a balanced and productive team environment. PandaHR simplifies this process, across 100+ regions globally, allowing you to automate leave requests, approvals, and tracking, all while ensuring compliance with workplace policies and regulations. This not only saves valuable administrative time but also enhances employee satisfaction by providing clear, consistent communication and planning around leave.

Simplify time off from anywhere

Discover the features that make managing time off a breeze.

Automated leave requests

Global efficiency, local relevance. Our platform automates leave requests and approvals, catering to diverse time zones and work schedules, ensuring a smooth process for teams worldwide.

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Real-time leave balances

Universal access, updated in real-time. Employees and managers from any location can instantly check leave balances, facilitating better planning and transparency across distributed teams.

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Customisable leave policies

Adaptable to every culture. Configure leave policies to comply with local regulations and company standards in over 100+ countries, making it perfect for businesses with one location or a global footprint.

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HR Software

Simplify your HR workflow. Automate tasks from payroll to evaluations, freeing up time for what really matters - your team.

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Employee onboarding

Welcome new hires with ease. Our system streamlines their start, ensuring a smooth and welcoming first experience.

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People hub

Centralise employee information. All team data in one place for easy access and management, improving efficiency.

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Time off management

Streamline leave processes. Our platform simplifies leave requests and tracking, perfect for global teams.

Time off management features

Employee surveys

Gather essential feedback. Quick, customisable surveys to understand your team's needs and boost satisfaction.

Employee surveys features

Platform security

Protect your data securely. Advanced encryption and strict compliance protect your team's sensitive information.

Platform security features

Frequently asked questions

How can time off management improve team satisfaction?

By providing a clear, fair, and easy-to-use system, it enhances transparency and trust within the team.

Can I customise the time off policies?

Absolutely. Tailor policies to fit your company culture and compliance needs.

Is it easy to track multiple types of leave?

Yes, our platform allows you to manage various leave types efficiently, from vacation to sick days, you can create unlimited time off types.

What makes your platform secure for sensitive data?

We use advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure all your data remains protected.

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