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What is a people hub?

A people hub acts as the central hub for your HR operations, offering a unified, digital space where all team information, documents, and HR processes come together. In the dynamic environment of startups and SMBs, managing team data can become fragmented and cumbersome. Our people hub simplifies this complexity by providing a single, secure platform for storing sensitive documents, managing time off, and enhancing communication. It's designed not just to store data but to enrich how you interact with and manage your team, ensuring everyone is connected, informed, and engaged.

Built to save you time & money

Simplify how you manage your people data.

Secure document storage

Protect with confidence. Store sensitive team documents securely with advanced encryption. From contracts to performance reviews, your data's integrity and confidentiality are our top priority.

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Unified team profiles

Know your team, deeply. Centralise all team data, from personal details to payroll data, in a comprehensive profile. Facilitate better management and a more personalised approach to HR.

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Time off management

Streamline time off. Easily track and manage leave requests with a transparent, efficient system. Ensure smooth operations and satisfied team members with our intuitive leave management tools.

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More HR software features

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HR Software

Efficiency at its core. Automate essential HR tasks, freeing up time to focus on your team’s growth and wellbeing.

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Employee onboarding

Seamless starts here. Equip new hires with everything they need for a successful beginning, all in one place.

Employee onboarding features

People hub

Centralise with ease. Gather all employee data in a single, secure spot for better management and engagement.

People hub features

Time off management

Leave simplified. Streamline how you handle time off, ensuring clarity and contentment across the board.

Time off management features

Employee surveys

Feedback, fast-forwarded. Easily gather and act on team insights to foster a thriving workplace culture.

Employee surveys features

Platform security

Security, no second thought. Protect sensitive data with robust encryption, keeping peace of mind intact.

Platform security features

Frequently asked questions

How does the People Hub enhance HR management for startups and SMBs?

It centralises and simplifies HR tasks, making data management secure and accessible, streamlining processes, and improving team connectivity.

Can I store and manage all types of team documents?

Yes, our people hub is designed to securely handle a wide range of documents, ensuring they are easily accessible yet end-to-end encrypted.

How does time off management work within people hub?

Our platform allows team members to request time off directly, with managers able to approve and track these requests seamlessly, all in one place.

Is people hub suitable for remote teams?

Absolutely. It's designed to keep distributed teams connected, ensuring easy access to important information and facilitating communication.

How secure is the data stored in people hub?

We employ state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to protect all data, ensuring your information is safe and secure.

People Management Software

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